My Favourite Hamburger Recipe

My Favourite Hamburger Recipe

These burgers work great with lean ground beef where you want lots of flavour, but not much fat. Cool Branch Farm beef is great for this! Last year, we bought a little plastic patty press which really helps to make the burgers a uniform size. I just make equal sized balls of meat mixture, then put them in the patty press and squish. To save time while cooking, I squish them all ahead of time and put them in a container on layers of parchment, or waxed paper. That way I can make them ahead and put them in the fridge for a few hours until it's actually time to make the meal. 


2lbs ground beef

1 tsp salt
1 cup breadcrumbs

1 tsp garlic powder
2 eggs

½ tsp blackpepper
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

1 tsp onion powder

Mix all ingredients together. You may find it’s easier to use your hands
to do this. Shape into 10 burgers. Cook with whatever method you
desire until they’re done. I like my burgers very well done, so I always
use a meat thermometer to check them.

These are great served with cheese, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, bbq sauce, basically anything you'd like on your burger! 

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